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Engadget is live from CES 2010!


Are your senses full with the aroma of stag parties and buffet bacon lying listless atop the flicker of a 3AM Sterno flame? No? Well, that's because you're not in Vegas. We just rolled in with the double-wide now parked just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center to celebrate our annual CES rite of passage. We're already knee deep in press releases and hot products with dozens of events scheduled throughout the week followed by extensive hands-on coverage and reviews of the all the best products that the consumer electronics industry can muster.

You can view the news in the standard format that you're used to right here, or you can head over to There you'll find our coverage presented in a tighter format so that you can more easily keep track of what's breaking and which events we're covering live (and when).

So kick back and take it all in. It's going to get busy, but if you're like us then it just doesn't get any better than CES. Gratuitous trailer shot after the break.

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