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Samsung's Diva S5150 and S7070 delight, blind

Chris Ziegler

Shiny, quilt-look phones are an admittedly limited market -- but considering that Samsung announces on average 17.2 quadzillion phones a week, it makes perfect sense that they'd devote a whole line to this kind of over-the-top foolishness. We spent a couple minutes with the S5150 flip and S7070 touch phones today -- the first two members of the Diva series -- marveling at just how truly frilly these trinkets are. The gilded S5150, in particular, dazzles the eyes with a concealed LED display (yes, LED, not LCD) and an amazing sheen that could probably be used as a defensive weapon to blind an attacker in a pinch. In terms of UI and functionality, you're not going to find anything new here -- but then again, that's not really what a Diva's about, is it? Follow the break for a quick, totally bedazzled look at the S5150's flashy dress.

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