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Tony Hawk bribing Xbox Live's 'Ride' players with friendship


Who wouldn't want to go gallivanting around the globe, bustin' silly skateboarding tricks with icon Tony Hawk? Well, you'll never get to, but you can have the next best thing: Tony Hawk on your Xbox Live friends list. He hit the Twitters last night, trying to drum up some friends to play Tony Hawk Ride with on the Xbox 360. You know, that game with the crazy board Tony would like to see used with more games in the future? Yeah, that one.

There's no telling if it worked or not -- you can't check out Tony's friends list unless you're a friend with him. Still, it's interesting to see Tony take such an active role in trying to market the game. We guess when you invent a peripheral, you get all super passionate about it or something.

[Via Kotaku]

Source and Source - Tony Hawk's Twitter account

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