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Choose my Adventure: Newly-cloned in Fallen Earth

Shawn Schuster

The votes are in and we're very excited to begin our latest version of Choose my Adventure by introducing you to our shiny new character: Gator Boudreaux. He's a rifle-wielding (eventually) assassin traveling the Grand Canyon wasteland in search of his next meal, a few extra chips and the perfect headshot.

We start our Fallen Earth story this week with a bit of an in-character journal. Then, of course, we get right into the poll for next week and an explanation of those polls. Finally, we'll list the play session times so you can come in game and play along with me for the next six weeks. Follow along after the jump to learn more.


The year is 2156, but I can't be certain. Right now I'm feeding off of knowledge from others because I don't have much of a choice.

My name is Paul "Gator" Boudreaux and I am a clone. I still can't get used to saying that, but it's the truth as far as I can tell. I've started this journal as a way to keep my scattered memories in place because I don't trust this collar around my neck. I've been told that this thing will restore my memories in the "event of my unfortunate death", which I'm taking to mean that I'm immortal. Or some type of science experiment gone wrong.

Confused? Me too. Let me start from the beginning.

The earliest memories I have are from four years ago. I awoke in some type of science facility surrounded by lab equipment. A woman's voice beckoned me to leave the facility as quickly as I could, and I really had no choice but to listen. She kept telling me that "they" were coming and I needed to preserve the cloning computers and escape right away. She called it the Hooper Damn or Hoover something and kept referring to a man named Alex or Alec Masters. I was still too groggy to grasp everything she said, and to be frank, I was skeptical of her intentions as well. It all happened so quickly, but she did uphold her word and walk me through the process of escaping.

The woman's name is Elena Winters and right now I think she's the only person I can trust. She was a lab technician at this facility when the Children of the Apocalypse invaded. Despite the fact that she quite plainly told me that I am clone and was created for the sole purpose of organ harvesting, she let me escape. I'm still not entirely sure why she did all of this for me, or why she chose me, but she did. For that, I owe her so much.

While escaping, I met some interesting people who didn't seem to recognize the fact that I was a runaway clone. Or maybe they just didn't care, considering the circumstances. I helped stitch up some military guys who were guarding an entryway. I was able to grab a bit of their gear as a reward, which helped tremendously. I even met some of those CHOTA I was warned about, but they really didn't seem so bad to me, apart from their stench. Heck, even those paramilitary Enforcers admitted that the CHOTA were just here to seek revenge on this Masters guy for burning down their villages, and they're just all getting tired of him. I can get behind that. Especially if he's the one who created me for my beautiful liver, or whatever.

I was able to finally meet up with Elena Winters, who explained so much to me. GlobalTech, LifeNet, immortality -- but I can't make sense of any of it. One day I'll sit down and try to clear my thoughts enough to write down what she told me, but now's not the time.

The last thing I remember from that day four years ago was driving an ATV strapped with a bomb through some winding tunnels. I knew it was a suicide mission, but Elena promised me that I would come back again, and setting off that bomb was ironically my only chance of surviving, no matter how long it took to reinitialize my DNA. At that point, I really had nothing to lose.

Well, she was telling the truth as I sit here today writing this in a small farming town called South Burb. Elena upheld her part of the deal by bringing me back four years after that big event, and now I have a purpose in my genetically manufactured life. I must find the source of my DNA from this "Alpha Clone" that Elena told me about, and stop the degradation of my cells.

Yes, despite the fact that I am essentially immortal and have been brought back to life hundreds of times in the past by Masters's scientists, it has taken its toll. The only way to stop this is find this Alpha Clone and repair my ailing DNA. This will give me a chance at a real life.

Elena suggested I rally other clones together because I'll never be able to compete against the harshness of the wasteland alone. So I posted a few flyers around North and South Burb advertising my intentions, and I hope there are at least two or three other clones out there looking for the same answers about their existence. Elena says that the DNA degradation is affecting every clone she helped escape, so there's bound to be a few more of us out there.

Until then, I'm going to take it easy in this town and see if I can't scrounge up some new clothes or a makeshift weapon or two. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of fighting in store for me.


Now we've begun our journey in Fallen Earth and it's time to vote on what we'll do next. If we can get together with a few more of you readers out there who are curious about the game, we can form a little clan to do regular weekly play sessions in the game. If you're already a player and looking to join up with us, this would be the perfect time to roll up an alt!

Our first get-together will be on Friday, January 8th at 9pm EST. We'll rally together right next to the vault bank in South Burb, next to a pointy tent that houses the Weaponry and Combat Trainers. You'll want to finish up the extended tutorial before this, so you can have your starter horse and an idea of how to maneuver around (if you're new to the game). We'll move out from there to complete the AP quests for the starter city that is chosen in the poll below, and then do smaller quests after that, if we have time. I'd like to also have another play session on Monday, January 11th at 9pm EST to coordinate and finalize a clan if we have enough people (10). Any suggestions for clan names are welcome in the comments.

I figure the best way to play over the next six weeks will be to do the group and AP quests together with the group, and the smaller side quests can be done on our own free time, if we choose. These AP quests are the ones that give Action Points, which are crucial to advancing every aspect of your character. There are hundreds of these quests throughout the game, and they're important to complete for maximum AP and maximum character advancement in whichever direction you choose. There's an excellent guide to the AP quests that we will follow, but other than that, the choices are up to you.

So which starter city's AP quests should we do this week?%Poll-39631%

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