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LG GW990 phone busted running Moorestown with heaps of want


Giving MIDs a hard time is like gadget sport around here. The idea of a device that doesn't fit in the pocket but costs more than twice the price of a netbook is just too much to stomach as a general use device. But look at that MID up there... just look at it. That's the LG GW990 running Intel's future Moorestown CPU. Granted, the pics were grabbed in a rush (of a device behind glass) while dodging security batons (the CES showfloor hasn't opened). But where the images fall short the specs amply pick up the slack: Moorestown CPU, 4.8-inch panoramic widescreen display, HD Video, 3D gaming, aGPS, WiFi, 1850mAh battery, digital compass, HSPA radio, and 5 megapixel camera. And if we're not mistaken, that's an earpiece at the top of the front face that should allow this to be used as a telephone (VoIP presumably). There's also an interesting 3-panel view when held in landscape mode giving you independent access to 3 segmented displays (like calendar, media player, and GPS maps) all at the same time. Man, this could be the MID we've been waiting for ever since we first saw that sexy Silverthorne prototype. But lets wait for the price and availability before getting too excited, eh?

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