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WiebeTech gets rugged with ToughTech Secure mini HDD enclosure

Darren Murph

It's been a (blazing) hot minute since we've heard a good word from the folks at WiebeTech, but lo and behold, it's hitting back with a new portable hard drive case here at CES. The ToughTech Secure mini is described as a 2.5-inch encrypted external HDD enclosure, and with four interfaces to choose from (FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA), you should be set when it comes time to connect it. 'Course, we wish SuperSpeed USB 3.0 were represented here, but we guess that'll have to wait until next year. The case ships with a USB encryption key that's meant to keep your information safe from prying eyes, and the rugged aluminum chassis should protect it from most bumps and bruises. There's no mention of a price, but the full specification list awaits you just past the break while you wait for a February ship date.

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ToughTech Secure mini

Portable Encrypted Storage Enclosure with Anti-Shock Protection

* Hand-Held Data Storage with Military-Grade Encryption (128 bit AES)
* Encryption protects your data even if drive is lost or stolen (Encryption Key is stored apart from unit - No Backdoor)
* Rugged aluminum construction with Anti-Shock protection
* Quiet, fan-less operation
* Quad Interface Host Support: USB/eSATA combo port, 2 FW800 ports (backward compatible to FW400 with supplied cable)
* Password Stored in Easy-to-Use mini USB-style Security Key (No Confusing Interfaces, PINS or Passwords to memorize)
* Pre-configured with Hard Drives, including ProSoft Backup Software
* Also available unpopulated, supports 2.5" SATA HDDS and SSDs

Why ToughTech Secure mini-Q?

* WiebeTech "Quad Interface" offers the best flexibility of host connections available on the market today.
o For Mac Book Pro users, FW800 is the ideal interface.
o Newer computers have native eSATA. eSATA offers the best file transfer performance on any existing serial host interface.
o FireWire 400 via FW800 to FW400 Cable (included)
* Bus powered from FW800 or FW400 ports and most USB ports. Includes power supply for use when required.
* Also includes dual-head USB data/power cable
* Plug and Play with all standard Microsoft USB drivers, MAC FW400 and FW800 drivers and Linux systems with valid interfaces.
* Hardware Based Encryption Invisible to Users - No Confusing Interfaces, PINS or Passwords to memorize
* Entire disk is protected: including the file allocation table, swap files and virtual memory files.
* High-Speed hardware processor encrypts/decrypts at full disk bandwidth operation (No performance degradation)


USB2.0 power/data combo cable, FW800, FW400-to-FW800 and eSATA cable, Power Adapter, Carrying case, Pre-Coded Security Keys, Key rings, Key lanyards, ProSoft backup software (both Mac and Windows version – not required for operation of hard drive). No system drivers or software required


* Secure Data Backup
* Secure Offsite Storage
* Government Regulatory Compliance
* Prevent Unauthorized Data Access
* Protect Customer and Client Information

Also Available:

* AES Hand-held Key Programmer
o Manage and Create your own Unique Security Keys and Duplicates
o AES 128 Cryptographic Engine is NIST validated (FIPS PUB 197)
o Additional blank and pre-coded Security Key's available, sold separately
o Additional Security Key lanyards available, sold separately

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