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Caption contest: What is Craig doing?


Sure, Intel's demo man -- Craig -- had something specific he was showing us earlier at the company's CES press event, but you can assuredly think of something more... creative, can't you?

Tim: "Laaaadies...."
Josh T.: "You over there, feel like makin'... no? Okay."
Joe: "This one's called Cold Lampin' With Intel."
Richard Lai: "Intel outside."
Chris: "We doin'... big pimpin', spendin' cheese. We be... big pimpin' on C.O.R.E.'s"
Darren: "'Cause my Atom don't stop 'til six in da mooooaannnin'."
Ross: "Our Flavor Flav impersonators aren't like your Flavor Flav impersonators."
Thomas: "Quick to the point to the point no fakin, I'm cooking AMD like a pound of bacon."
Richard Lawler: "This ain't funny so don't ya dare laugh."
Don: "I pity the fool that buys AMD."
Joanna: "No, you're a rockstar."
Vlad: "I might look like a fool, but I'm getting paid to dress and act like this, what's your excuse?"

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