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Google Chrome for Mac (finally) gets Extension support


Exciting news for Mac-using Chrome lovers: the latest dev-channel build of Google Chrome (finally) includes support for extensions, among other new features. Similar to Firefox Add-ons, Chrome Extensions allow 3rd-party developers to add new functionality to the browser. There's a decent collection of Extensions available already at Google's Extensions Gallery, although not all of them will work with the Mac version. Interested developers can dive into the documentation on creating new extensions.

Additional features include built-in support for bookmark syncing, as well as the ability to "pin" tabs with just their favicon showing. It seems like a big jump in bringing the Mac version of Chrome up to feature parity with other platforms, which is great to see. Remember, these features are in the bleeding-edge dev channel, you won't find them (yet) in the main (likely more stable) beta download.

Side note: there's a continuing issue with Chrome on my MacBook Pro where most common web fonts show up garbled. It's only (apparently) fixable by restarting the font server (atsutil server -shutdown) before launching, but returns soon after. It might be related to FontAgent Pro, or maybe something horribly wrong with my font cache (which has been cleared and rebuilt with no results), I'm not sure. Until this one is fixed, I'm starting Chrome with a shell script that stops and then pings the font server before launching Chrome. It's not a pretty solution, and I sincerely hope I see a fix for this one soon. If you've got a solution, sound off in the comments!

[via Lifehacker]

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