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Gravity-defying indie platformer VVVVVV released


If Don't Look Back creator Terry Cavanagh's latest game is any indication, 2010 is already a great year for indie platformers. Taking its graphical inspiration from games of the Spectrum/C64 era, VVVVVV is based upon a gravity-flipping mechanic like the one in Metal Storm -- instead of jumping, the stranded hero of this game is able to reverse gravity at the touch of a button, immediately falling upward into the ceiling.

Trying the game out cut dangerously into the time we intended to use telling you about it. And it's not like we need to say much anyway: Cavanagh has released a downloadable demo for both Mac and PC, as well as a browser-based Flash version on Kongregate. The full game costs $15.

[Thanks, Erik]

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