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Metal Gear Solid movie producer casts doubt on film adaptation


Michael De Luca may not be a name you recognize, but he's had his hand in a number of cinematic accomplishments, producing films like Michael Myers' "The Love Guru" and Nicolas Cage's "Ghost Rider." He was also set to be a producer of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie adaptation.

However, De Luca sees the project falling apart, citing difficulties in getting "the agendas to match up" between Konami and Sony Pictures. De Luca told Collider that Konami (most likely at the request of Kojima Productions) was "very protective of their property." Perhaps learning from the experience with Silent Hill, Konami may have wanted to avoid tarnishing its most celebrated brand with the poor track record of video game movies.

All hope for a Metal Gear film isn't lost, though. De Luca does admit that if Disney's upcoming Prince of Persia film does well, Konami and Sony are likely to resume their talks. Until then, may we suggest buying the Metal Gear Solid 4 movie on Blu-ray? Sure, the movie is frequently interrupted by "gameplay" segments, but just think of them as incredibly elaborate menu screens.

[Via Videogamer]

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