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Microsoft calls Android 'free like a puppy,' we can't decide if that's a bad thing or not


In a new brand of competition dissing, James DeBragga, General Manager of Windows Consumer Product Marketing, says Android "is free like a puppy." The comment came in the context of the CEO of Entourage praising Android for the fact that's it's versatile and free -- major motivating factors behind his use of the OS on his Edge e-reader device. James says that Android (like a puppy) is great in theory, but a hassle once you get it home. Unfortunately for him, his metaphor neglects the love and kisses and companionship many humans also associate with puppies. Perhaps James is a cat man? Still, we see his side to some extent: Windows is certainly more mature, supported and capable for powering a tablet device, especially if that tablet needs to perform serious computer-style tasks. Unfortunately, we're not sure if Android, Windows or anything else is really ready to make tablet converts out of us. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to go feed our free iguana, Ricardo.

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