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'The Rook' IP acquired for 'television, film, and gaming'


With little in the way of solid information, the A.N. Group recently announced its acquisition of the intellectual property rights behind "The Rook." If you're unfamiliar with the time-traveling comic book character of the 1970s and 80s ... well, we're right there with you. Apparently he's a descendant of the family from H.G. Wells' book The Time Machine that goes by the name Restin Dane? Who knew! Anyway, the A.N. Group has big plans for the name, intending to take it "from the pages of comics and print to television, film and gaming."

To clarify what that means, we asked A.N. Group representatives and were told "We've got some major plans ... it's really really interesting stuff." More specifically, we asked if a Rook game will show up on major consoles or something more ... casual. "I would never frown on any format or any idea of that nature, but as far as the modules for the iPhones with touch -- I'm much more interested in the console or PC format," creative consultant Brady Baya told us. "It's still very much in the infancy stage -- I think there's some connections with EA, but really we're gonna network with all the major players to see who has a take on what. I'm thinking there's huge potential for an MMO as well as an adventure platform as far as where we wanna go with it."

This, of course, begs the question -- if Restin can travel through time, shouldn't he already know where he'll end up? Ohhh no, now we're having an existential crisis. Man, this always happens.

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