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FAQ That: All about Global Agenda's Conquest mode


So what exactly makes Global Agenda cross the border from persistent FPS to full on MMO? Conquest, my friends! Conquest. And now that the NDA has been lifted, we're free to tell you all about this agency only mode.

Global Agenda: Conquest mode is the game's take on a real-time strategy game versus an FPS. Your alliance of agencies can take ownership of the Global Agenda world and lay claim to valuable resources to build agent modifications, weapons of mass destruction, and even more fun little tools. But you must guard your territory carefully, as other alliances will have the option to siege your land, forcing you into battles for domination of the map.

But how does Conquest mode work? What do you need to do to take advantage of this feature of the spy-fi shooter? Glad you asked! It's time for you to FAQ That!

Q. What's a "zone" in Global Agenda?

A. A zone is one of the areas of the Global Agenda map where agencies do battle over territory. All of the game's zones have a "hot period" when territory can flip hands and battles can be conducted. These hot periods allow your agency to fight and defend your territory during the times they're online the most, while letting your players log off when the hot period is over and the zone locks down. Once a hot period ends, all territory is locked until the next day.

Each zone is divided up into multiple hexagons, each representing an area that can be controlled by an agency. Once your agency controls a hexagon, they can build facilities on it that can be used to defend their territory and produce special items.

Q. What does my alliance get from participating in Conquest?

A. Good question! Alliances who participate in conquest and own territory can build facilities on the Global Agenda map. Once these facilities are completed, they can be used to produce end-game level gear and modifications for the members of your agency and also provide your more options during Conquest battles.

Q. What types of facilities can be made?

A. Mine facilities allow your alliance to gather resources to produce items. Labs let your alliance research blueprints to build items because, after all, you can't build an item without a blueprint! Labs also let you research more advanced facilities, so you can upgrade your building options. Finally, factories combine your blueprints with your resources and will produce new items for you, which will be placed in the agency inventory.

Special hexes exist on the map called "resource" hexes. These hexes provide bonuses to specific facilities, if that facility is built on that hex.

Q. What do bases and missile silos do?

A. Bases are a special type of facility that exist on the map permanently. Each region of land in the zone has its own base.

To control a base, your agency must control the six hexes that lie outside of the base. Once that's done, the base will fall into your hands and begin to shield all hexes that you control in that region.

The shield stops all enemies from invading your borders, effectively protecting the hexes that it covers from being drawn into battle. However, a tactical missile strike can be used to temporarily bring down the shield and attack the region.

To strike at a enemy shield, the attacking agency must build a missile silo on one of their hexes that's within range of the shielded territory. Once the silo is created, it can be fired at a base to temporarily bring down the shield and re-open your enemy to attack.

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