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PS3 TV tuner/DVR out in Japan in March


Sony Japan has just announced the goofiest, but most interesting DVR device since the TiVo. torne (yes, lower case, and pronounced "torn-eh") is a USB TV tuner that connects to the PS3 and allows users to watch, search, and record television through that system. DVR'd shows can be saved either to the PS3's hard drive or a USB-connected external drive. The device can record even while the PS3 is engaged in a Blu-Ray or game. Shows can also be watched on a PSP using Remote Play or transferred to a Memory Stick.

torne will be available separately this March for ¥9,980 ($108.78) or bundled with a 250GB PS3 for ¥42,800 ($466.52). No release has been announced in any other region, though Sony has already released the PlayTV, a different TV tuner peripheral, in Europe.

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