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Dark Void dev diary all about the underdog


As the developers at Airtight Games would put it, Dark Void is really an underdog story. You've got these people, downtrodden and stuck in The Void, trying to overcome what seems like insurmountable odds. Yeah -- been there, done that. But then you throw this jetpack into the mix and suddenly we're wiping the drool off our keyboard and rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, imagining all of the loop de loops and barrel rolls we'll be doing.

But, hey, we identify with Airtight Games' plight; it's a start-up studio with a lot of new blood. It's kinda like the story of Joystiq's rise to fame being a site our mom reads on the gritty streets of the blogosphere. Just like Airtight, we had to eat a lot of government cheese in our first year.

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