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Massively is becoming more... well, massive

Shawn Schuster

Don't worry, we're not going to start writing about our favorite Wii fitness games or how to beat the current FPS-of-the-week, but we are looking to introduce more of a focus for the content we provide here at This involves much more than simply expanding our coverage of the latest news, it involves the addition of real working knowledge to the games we love to play.

Since the site started in 2007, we have always been on top of the latest news and views in the MMO world. We've received plenty of positive feedback on what we've done so far, but a significant number of readers would like to see us do more with our actual MMO knowledge among the staff members. This is where focused content will come in. And no, we're not making forums.

How will this work? Simple. Starting today, we will begin more focused content that is specific to a handful of major games, in addition to the general MMO news we provide now. These "focus games" will have their own columnists who will dive much deeper into their favorite games. Their weekly columns will be a wrapup of what's hot in their focus game that week, including many aspects of the game that might not necessarily be "newsworthy" enough for our front page. Things like community news, forum buzz, tips, tricks, helpful links, how-to guides and much more are planned for these columns. That way, when you come to our site looking for every scrap of info on a particular game, this info will be there for you, in a much more organized fashion.

Be aware, this doesn't mean that we will only cover 3 or 4 games that we just happen to enjoy playing this week (as we sometimes find ourselves doing). Over the next few months, we will expand in several ways to accommodate the largest games and the genres we love. We will kick it off with a Star Trek Online column later today from Kyle Horner, who will give a helpful resource of essential links for any STO fanatic.

Stay tuned for that and much more from in the coming months.

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