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Mega Man Zero series to be re-released as DS collection


If you took an extended break from Mega Man in the 2000s, until the release of Mega Man 9, you missed out on some great, punishing games developed by MM9 creator Inti Creates -- and it appears that Capcom's going to give you a chance to go back to them. Capcom Japan opened a site for "Rockman Zero Collection," a DS compilation of all four Game Boy Advance Rockman Zero/Mega Man Zero games, featuring the adventures of Mega Man X's buddy Zero after the X series. He has a sword.

The collection will be released in Japan on April 22. Capcom has yet to announced a localization, but we're confident the publisher will, given the general attitude of pro-Mega Man sentiment surrounding the upcoming release of Mega Man 10.

[Via The Mega Man Network]

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