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Universal's Blu-ray/DVD flipper disc gets reviewed

Ben Drawbaugh

Love 'em or hate 'em, Universal's first flipper disc has arrived at the doors of reviewers --'s Kenneth Brown got his hands on the two Bourne movies, and as you might expect, the discs worked as advertised. He tried both sides of the disc on a number of different players without running into a single playback issue. Now obviously there's no cover art, which to some is a pretty big deal, but there's a slim inner ring label to let you know which side is which -- more plainly labeled then we've seen on some flippers. While we recognize the added value of including a DVD version of the movie with the Blu-ray, we prefer two separate discs like most of the other studios are using. That being said, we wouldn't let a flipper disc get in the way of enjoying our favorite movie at home, over and over again.

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