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Panasonic Viera G2 HDTVs boast 5,000,000:1 native contrast ratio, coming soon

Vlad Savov

We told you Panny had some crazy low black levels in its 2010 plasmas, didn't we? Well, say hello to the retail products and their first price tags, both predictably found in Japan. The Viera G2 series is arriving within a few short weeks -- February 5 to be precise -- and will be headed by the 50-inch TH-P50G2, which is joined by 46- and 42-inch options. All panels boast Full HD resolution, have three ports each for HDMI and Composite cables, and are expected to cost ¥320,000, ¥260,000, and ¥220,000, respectively. That roughly equates to $3,500 for the whopper and $2,400 for the smallest family members, which when you think about that mercurial five million to one contrast ratio sounds almost like a bargain. If you can tolerate a measly 2,000,000:1 contrast, Panasonic is also announcing some more affordable S2 panels (pictured after the break), which you can have for as little as $2,100 in US money for the 42-inch variety. More machine translation-mangled information can be found in the links below.

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