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Samsung Genio Slide slips onto Vodafone


Samsung's Genio Slide -- or CorbyPRO -- has just popped up on Vodafone's site for the sweet price of £free. The Genio starts its retail career as a QWERTY-sliding, 3.2 megapixel camera-toting, HSDPA-blessed Vodafone exclusive, but with these specs, we'd wager it'll stretch its legs soon -- though, not like as far as North America as it lacks the 850 / 1900 HSDPA we need and love. This new Corby also comes loaded with a large touchscreen, a bevy of messaging and social apps, Bluetooth, GPS, and a weak 120MB of RAM that can -- and must -- be upgraded to as much as 16GB. If you do pick one up, hit us up with your thoughts in the comments -- we're all about first-hand experience, don't ya know?

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