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T-Mobile relaxes SIM unlock policies


If you're on T-Mobile USA and hop across the pond here and there, good news, as your carrier of choice has decided to reduce some of the restrictions it has on proving unlock info to its customers. In case you've never looked into this before and travel overseas, the benefit here is you'll be able to pick up a local SIM and use it in your phone saving yourself beaucoup dollars in both data and voice -- though of course your home number, unless forwarded, won't work. Currently FlexPay, PostPaid, and prepaid -- provided you've had a balance of at least $10 and have refilled in the last month -- customers can get themselves unlocked after 90 days of service, the new rules will see FlexPay and PostPaid users able to get this sorted in 40 days and prepaid in 60. So, if your account is in good standing -- no past due balances and such -- why not make the call, it is free, and if nothing else makes for super conversation at just about any dinner party we've ever been to.

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