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ASUS' Tegra-powered Eee Pad tablet to make sub-$500 Computex debut?


The first of June could see the introduction of the Eee Pad tablet if DigiTimes' proven ASUS sources are correct. The device has been rumored since early December and now appears to be heading to Computex Taipei for its big reveal with a price set below $500. The tablet was already rumored to feature a multitouch display, Tegra (Tegra 2, presumably) and an OS other than Windows CE. And with a name that sounds suspiciously like a feminine hygiene product for a robot, well, we'll let you guess at which Google OS the Eee Pad will run.

Update: JKKMobile linked us to a video he shot of an ASUS concept tablet running Android on Tegra 2 at CES. Somehow we missed it... we blame the Waveface.

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