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New in-game Winter Olympics reward discovered?


Even though Ghostcrawler promised us a moose during last week's Twitter developer chat, we haven't heard anything official or otherwise about an in-game reward for the Winter Olympics. Many people are expecting it as such a reward would follow the most recent Summer Olympics where everyone was able to earn the Spirit of Competition.

Wowhead, the official armory, and other sites are listing now a Competitor's Souvenir that was added in patch 3.3. The Souvenir has an item ID number of 37298, whereas the the Gold Medallion from the Summer Olympics has an ID number of 37297. For the mathematically challenged, this new item is numerically next in line from the previous in-game Olympic tie-in. This lends credence that this Souvenir could very well give people a non-combat companion reward during this year's Winter Olympics.

We don't have much of an idea of what pet the Competitor's Souvenir could give us. It's likely that the pet will be activated on the servers when the Souvenir becomes available during the Winter Olympics on February 12th, 2010. Of course, that's assuming the Souvenir really is for the Winter Olympics. It's entirely possible the Souvenir is for something else, but the evidence we've found points strongly enough in the direction that it's related to the upcoming games.

*A couple people have pointed out that the Competitor's Souvenir was an item on the Chinese servers back in '06, however it still has just shown up on the US servers, just at the right time...

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