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Nexus One's unitouch browser falls victim to Cyanogen

Chris Ziegler

Hey, Andy, thanks for "considering" adding multitouch to the Nexus One -- meanwhile, though, there are folks in the trenches actually making it happen, so we might not need your help anymore. The usual suspects over at xda-developers (the legendary Cyanogen, specifically) have mixed, baked, and cooled a delicious new Browser APK for Google's so-called superphone that undoes the company's poorly-made decision to leave out the hot-button feature on everyone's mind. The dude says that you might lose your settings and bookmarks in the process, but we'd say that's a small price to pay -- especially considering that you'd normally have to flash the entire ROM anyhow. Seriously though, Andy, just check it out for a few days and see what you think, alright?

[Thanks, Owaeis]

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