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Pantech Sky IM-U560K is small, slick, and very pastel


Pantech's Sky IM-U560K is a small slider set to launch -- in four soft pastel hues -- on Korea's Sky in the near future. One of the IM-U560K shining features is handset control via gestures -- with a shake or twist of the phone, for example, you can scroll and slide through the interface without having to lay a single finger on its 2.6-inch touchscreen. Other notables include a DMB TV tuner, the usual MP3 player, 3 megapixel camera, photo and video modes, and a potentially useful Korean to English text-to-speech app (we can at least hope it trumps the translation Google coughed up for this Korean-to-English post). As a bonus, the IM-U560K's packaging is eco-friendly using soybean inks printed on 100% recycled paper -- replacing, we assume, whatever toxic substances were used in the past. No word on the exact when or price -- but these things always pop up shortly after the PR does -- so hang tight.

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