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Shrines of Bori to offer Age of Conan players more outdoor PvP


Even with all of the fuss around new tier 3 raids being added to the land of Hyboria, the developers at Funcom haven't forgotten about the PvPers! A brand new feature will be landing on Age of Conan's test server for all barbarians to enjoy, and it comes in a form many PvPers love -- outdoor PvP objectives.

The Shrines of Bori, a brand new addition to the Border Kingdoms playfield, will give PvPers the chance to not only engage in combat with others in a wide open zone, but also to earn their next set of PvP tier gear via a complex set of capture and hold objectives in the form of altars.

Have questions on how this new system will work? Say no more! We've got a full explanation of the brand new system for you right after the break.

A quick overview

"It's important to note here that the Shrines of Bori will only offer one type of new PvP token."

The four new Shrines of Bori placed around Brannoc Village will be the main source of new PvP conflict, as well as a new source for PvP reward tokens. It's important to note here that the Shrines of Bori will only offer one type of new PvP token. The other tokens, which are required for the new PvP tier gear, will be dropping from quests associated with PvP mini-games. These quests will be on a lengthy cooldown once completed, so don't expect to rush to your new PvP gear.

In any case, Shrines of Bori are a modified "capture and hold" PvP game, where guilds will be competing to keep shrines in their possession. If you can successfully keep a shrine long enough to offer the appropriate amount of sacrifices, then you'll receive the Favor of Bori and be awarded with PvP tokens, PvP experience, glory (which is PvP renown), and a special buff for your efforts.

Capture and hold or destroy at your whim!

Initially all of the shrines are neutral, forcing guilds to go in and capture a shrine by interacting with it and then making sure that no enemies interact with that same shrine for 60 seconds. If you can protect it for that minute, then the shrine is yours and you can begin making sacrifices to the altar inside. At any point, another guild can come in and attempt to re-capture the shrine in the same method -- interacting with the flag and holding it for 60 seconds.

Sacrifices, however, are a bit more involved than your standard "hold objective" game play. Players must find PvP resources to sacrifice to the altars, and they can do that by either mining resource nodes themselves or by killing other players who have one of these special resources in their inventory. Funcom has added new rare resources that will drop from PvP resource nodes in the Border Kingdoms, and you can only have one of each type of resource on you at a time. If you're killed by a player when carrying one, you will drop it for them to pick up.

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