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Take-Two to nominate three new board directors; it's all about the iCahn


Thursday 21 January

70-something kilos. I've given up on weighing in lbs, kilos are so much kinder.

Food consumed today:
Anything that makes me look suave and like I know what I'm doing. Think I'm on my fifth martini, but I lost count after the fourth.

Early morning, sun looks lovely coming out of the west ... north? ... really need to cut back on the martinis. New York.

Dearest Diary, can I call you Di? Good. Oh, Di, why does Carl Icahn have to be such a meddler? You know what, I'm gonna start calling him iCahn, like an obnoxious Apple product. Hehe, iCahn. So, this guy ... this iCahn, he comes in and buys up 11.3 percent of the company a couple months ago and now he wants to put three of his own iBoys on the board of directors -- actually, I'm pretty sure one of them is an iCahn-mini: Brett Icahn.

I ain't mad, Di. Let iCahn have his iPods on the board, I've been doing my thing since taking over Take-Two in 2007. He's got the right to put some guys on the board and shape things, bring balance -- distract some monkeys on my back. Who knows, maybe the iCahn boys will bring healthy skepticism and deliver productive ideas to improve profitability. Plus, what's the harm? If the winds take iCahn to another project and he holds less than five percent of the company stock, the iPods agree to leave immediately. Just another day in the biz. I kinda miss fighting with EA, this is so mundane in comparison.

[Thanks to Michael Pachter and Jesse Divnich for context]

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