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ViewSonic VPC08 MID/phone appears on video, fails to steal xpPhone's thunder

Joanna Stern

Maybe it's all the talk of the ITG xpPhone that's made ViewSonic's VPC08 come out of hiding, but the phone/MID contraption is finally making a video appearance and revealing why it's so damn thick. Unlike the xpPhone the VPC08 is actually an ordinary feature phone with a 2-inch display stuck on top of an Atom Z500-powered 4.3-inch MID. Uh, innovative? Not so much since it doesn't appear that the two work in conjunction, but we do know that the phone supports EV-DO, and that the MID portion packs 512MB RAM, an 8GB SSD with Windows XP, and WiFi. For those that are at all interested in holding this mega-device up to an ear, it looks like it will be sold only in China for a whopping 4800 Yuan ($705). No word if that price includes pants with extra-large pockets. We'll be waiting for the Moorestown-powered LG GW990 to get Atom in a phone, but we do urge you to check out this beast of a "phone" in action in the video after the break.

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