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Field & Stream: Total Outdoorsman Challenge coming to 360 in May


It can be hard being a a total outdoorsman every now and then -- don't we know it! Sometimes it snows, or there are vicious bears, or maybe we're just feeling like snuggling up inside with a warm mug of hot cocoa instead of mercilessly hunting down animals for sport. Thankfully, development studio Beast understand our predicament and has announced a March release date for upcoming Xbox 360 hunting sim Field & Stream: Total Outdoorsman Challenge. Finally, a solution!

At last, we can "brave the elements" of the wild without having to actually experience the raw elements that make us want to stay safely indoors. And considering that the closest we get to "the wild" is the local zoo, it's good to know that the game will feature "more than 30 big game, native, and fowl species across multiple environments." Heck, we can even polish up our lacking rifleman skills with F&S:TOC's free hunt and practice modes. How could we go wrong!

What's this about Cabela's somethingorother, you say?

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