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Reuters: Video games are for adults, too


Probably the best way to read the Reuters article entitled "New arsenal of shooter games target older players" is to imagine it being reported live by your local news station. You know, the same way local news stations tend to report the latest technological innovations -- Twitter, for example -- months or even years after their invention. The article is filled with inaccurate (and downright false) information, no doubt intended to thrill and mystify anyone that just upgraded to a 56k modem (congrats, by the way).

One statement likely to jump out at anyone even remotely familiar with games: "The popularity of shooter games has been proven by Activision Blizzard's 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' which has raked in over $1 billion (617 million pounds) worldwide and counting." Sure, Modern Warfare 2 is a blockbuster success, but it's hardly the first multi-million selling shooter in the last decade. Another tidbit claims that MAG's 256-player multiplayer is "the largest multiplayer experience for a video game." We're assuming this statement excludes, oh, every MMO ever made.

The best assertion in the piece, however, is that today's games are "not all for children," which is offered as though it's some kind of revelation. Honestly, there are no words for that one, so we'll just leave it to Captain Picard.

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