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New Dead to Rights: Retribution dev diary heads to Abbey Road


So what if the latest Dead to Rights: Retribution dev diary is unbelievably light on actual gameplay? It makes up for that in droves with a smattering of pretty images of the Abbey Road recording studio where the game's soundtrack is being recorded. For all the effort being put into the music, we would hope a bit more attention would be focused on the bits of game footage strewn throughout the clip. Unfortunately, we are instead given the less than thrilling exchange between the game's main character and a police officer around the three minute mark.

Last we heard, Dead to Rights: Retribution was scheduled for a "Q4 2009" release by Namco, so considering that time has come and gone, your guess is as good as any as to when the game will see the light of day. For now, well, we've got this dev diary.

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