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The Daily Grind: How do you get the energy back?

Eliot Lefebvre

No matter how much you love a game, there comes a point where it gets... tedious. It's as true for single-player games as it is for MMOs. But in a game with no defined endpoint, it's even easier to find yourself staring at the character screen and dreading taking a step into the world, because there's just no point to all of it.

But we're committed to these games, for better or worse, and so the usual reaction isn't to just stop but to try doing something different. To go for a different approach, level a different character, take on a new set of challenges. And while it takes some time to hit that perfect combination of elements, there's something for most of us that usually reignites that spark that you had when you first started the game. It went from interesting to boring and then back to interesting again.

How do you get yourself back into a game that you're finding yourself more lukewarm toward? Do you play a class that's outside of your normal range? Try setting some arbitrary challenge for yourself? Go to areas you usually don't? What gives you back the energy to log in to the game?

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