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Red Steel 2 launches March 23 in US, March 26 in Europe

After pushing most of its anticipated titles from Fall 2009 into the new year (and some even further), Ubisoft has finally revealed when Red Steel 2 will exit the saloon doors and somersault onto retail store shelves. The latest trailer -- titled "Caldera" -- reveals the Wii-exclusive sequel will release on March 26 in Europe, while GameSpot confirms the game lands in the US on March 23, as previously suggested.

Ubisoft plans to launch Red Steel 2 in two flavors: Standalone software for $50 and bundled with the Wii Motion Plus add-on for $60. GameStop preorder customers will also get exclusive access to two in-game swords. We're still smitten with the sequel's new manga-esque, East-meets-West visual style and "desert-bound, high-tech metropolis" setting, but we're also still holding our breath to see if Ubisoft can tweak the "canned" gameplay we experienced during our last hands-on with Red Steel 2.

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