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Hydrophobia rain cover promises to keep your DSLR dry, mysterious


Alright, so a new rain cover for a DSLR isn't the most exciting of developments, but the folks at Think Tank Photo have managed to put a bit of a new spin on the idea with their new Hydrophobia 70-200 and Hydrophobia 70-200 Flash covers (both based on the company's pro-level 300-600 cover). Those, as you've probably discerned, will accommodate a DSLR with up to a 70-200 lens (and, in the latter case, a flash), and protect it during even the toughest downpours. What's more, you can actually attach your DSLR and simply carry it by the rain cover, and the two sleeves are big enough to not only let you control the camera (with the help of a clear window 'round back), but swap out batteries or memory cards as well. Of course, this one doesn't come cheap, with the basic model running $139, and the flash-accommodating model setting you back $145.

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