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iPad plays all iPhone games and apps

Justin McElroy

We couldn't care less about our email, videos and music, all we wanted to know is if the newly announced iPad could play games. The answer? If you've been spending a fortune in $0.99 chunks on iPhone games, you've already got a big iPad library. The device, as just announced by Apple, plays all your iPhone apps unmodified, out of the box. That said, to take advantage of the system's full screen, devs will have to implement some modifications to their apps.

We're not sure if we're happy or sad about this, as we were kind of hoping for a whole new gaming platform -- and we're not convinced a lot of games will translate well from the iPhone, even if they technically work. Oh well, Jobs is still talking, maybe he'll have something else for us.

Update: The game Apple chose to feature at the iPad debut event was Gameloft's FPS N.O.V.A. It's kind of an odd choice though, right? It's a neat trick for a phone, but does it stack up on a larger screen? Additionally, EA showed off an updated Need for Speed: Shift (again, the iPhone version; hardly akin to the console iterations). Look for the iPad versions of both these games later this year.

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