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Architects imagine a wall of iPads


I love concept designs – the images artists put together for films, architecture, automobiles, etc. – before making the actual product. Concept designs allow an artist to spur others imaginations to show them what might be possible.

The guys at ClarkeHopkinsClarke architects in Australia have thrown together these nifty concept designs to show off how multiple iPads could be used to build a big multi-touch wall – in this case, one that would be used in a library.

The biggest buzz surrounding the iPad might be its applications and features, but we have realised there are more use for this product. The iPad has paved way for affordable multi-touch screen-walls for building interiors. The size of the iPad (242.8mm x 189.7mm x 13.4 mm) and the weight (0.73kg) works very well for this purpose. With the built-in features of the iPad and customable applications, there is literally endless number of things we can do on the wall.

Interchangeable wallpaper pattern & video is just the beginning, but imaging a giant jigsaw that you can play using multitouch, an interactive aquarium scene, digital graffiti, and of course, act as a life sized digital bookcase for your iBooks! (If you can't reach the top shelf, just drag it down with multi-touch!)
Costly, you say? It's actually not as much as you would think. The architects note that in terms of price, some of the more expensive mosaic tiles in the market nowadays cost over US$250 each, thus, iPad's US$499 price point is only about twice that, but it contains state-of-the art technology that would allow much more functionality than the current line of tech tiles.

It's been less than a day and already people are thinking of novel uses for the iPad. It'll be interesting to see the future uses people dream up for it!

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