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Report: Telltale porting its games to Mac, hints at iPad


According to Mac|Life, Telltale will begin supporting the Mac platform starting on Febrary 8 with Tales of Monkey Island -- and, as what can only be described as a great idea, gamers will be able to download both the Mac and PC versions of Telltale's games for one price. In other words, you won't have to worry about which version you buy, because you'll be getting both. Tales of Monkey Island is to be the first title to receive Mac support, with Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit and Strong Bad to follow (supposedly in that order, by the way). Both seasons of Sam & Max should arrive within "several weeks" of Tales of Monkey Island, with the others arriving in the following months, the site writes.

The report also mentions that Telltale plans to convert its entire catalog -- with the exception of Bone and Texas Hold 'Em -- according to Mac|Life. Its Telltale source declined to confirm if ports are on their way to the iPhone or iPad as well, though he did reiterate Telltale's desire to expand to as many platforms as possible.

When reached for comment by Joystiq, a Telltale representative called the report "totally unconfirmed," adding that potential iPhone or iPad support is "total speculation" at this point. According to the Mac|Life report, Telltale will be showing off its Mac titles at the Macworld Expo on February 11, so you can bet we'll be stopping by to find out.

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