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Bleep Labs builds Arduino-based Nebulophone, wants to sell you one

Darren Murph

What do you get when you mash together an Arduino-based synth with a Stylophone-like keyboard? A month ago, even we wouldn't have known, but now that Handmade Music Austin has come and gone, we're happy to say that this beautiful concoction leads to the creation of a Nebulophone. Unfortunately, there's no video (yet) to showcase what this musical wonder can do, but we're told that it has "adjustable waveforms, a light controlled analog filter, LFO and an arpeggiator that can be clocked over IR." Hit the source link if you're looking for all the code, schematics, and instructions necessary to give yourself a weekend project, and feel free to drop the guys / gals there a line if you're interested in just buying one.

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