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Moore: EA Sports has no plans for 3DTV now, focusing on Natal, Motion Controller


At an event in the UK this week, EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore outright refutes any possibility of his division at EA developing sports games with 3D technology in mind. In speaking with, the affable exec states, "Believe me, there's nothing going on right now that would say I'm ready to demo a 3D sports game." That said, on the subject of Project Natal and the Sony Motion Controller, Moore opened up to many more possibilities.

"We're getting in sync with Sony's motion controller and Project Natal with what Sony and Microsoft want to do with their publishing partners, so stay tuned for further information on that as we get closer to the date." When pressed for dates on either project, though, he remained cagey, saying "I do not know when they're launching ... certainly Sony has made no public pronouncement at all, and Microsoft has said 'holiday', which obviously gives fudge room." So! Madden Natal: confirmed? Not quite. The exec does note that "core intellectual property" would be heading up the motion charge "in some shape of fashion on those platforms." And considering Moore has already confirmed a version of EA Sports Active for Natal, we have to imagine (and hope) that he has more of that kind of thing in mind.

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