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Report: EA buys Super Bowl ad time for Dante's Inferno


Because the Dante's Inferno marketing department obviously knows what it's doing, IndustryGamers reports that EA bought up some ad time during next month's Super Bowl, presumably in the hopes that some of the people watching will care enough to pick up the game when it's releases two days later. We have to wonder how many of these sports-watching people -- who are ostensibly not as interested in 14th century epic poetry -- will care about a guy with a self-inflicted sewing nightmare on his chest waging war through Hell.

So, here's ample warning. When your parents inevitably drag you over to your uncle's house to watch the San Bernardino Flim-Flams take on the Texarkana Whatsits, and your little cousin -- you know, the one way too into Dashboard Confessional with the closet full of long-sleeve shirts with thumb holes cut out -- sees the ad and goes bananas, know that Joystiq gave you the heads up. We love you like that.

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