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Proto-2 humanoid robot auditions for Thunderbirds 2.0


While there are some robots like ASIMO still keeping it real with their classic robot looks, it seems that humanoid bots these days are increasingly falling into one of two categories: creepy and more creepy. Making no attempt to alter that trend are the researchers from Advanced Robotic Systems Laboratories (or ARSL), who are now showing off their new Proto-2 robot -- and apparently holding it against its will. Designed partly to aid in the study of human-robot interaction, Proto-2 packs an "expressive face" complete with moving, Peter Gallagher-esque eyebrows, and it apparently has a more natural walking gait than many other humanoid bots thanks to a new dynamic toe-joint that ARSL developed. Unfortunately, there's no video of it in action available just yet, but you can check out plenty more pics, and even an interview with its creator by hitting up the links below.

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