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Report: FIFA 10 moves 2.2 million units in the UK


FIFA 10 has already found its way into 2.2 million UK homes, making it competition for the "biggest-selling game in the series so far," according to an MCV UK report. With today's earlier announcement of a free-to-play FIFA and the recent unveiling of FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa, and now this, we're quite considering naming it "FIFA Week" here on Joystiq.

And we're willing to bet that EA Sports marketing manager Trevor Uzice would be a big fan of that, especially considering he believes that "there's no denying FIFA 10 is the best football game ever." While we're not sure that the (admittedly impressive) sales numbers corroborate his sentiments, it's always nice to see marketing putting its most outlandish spin on any piece of news.

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