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Analysts project iPad sales


Some people hate it, some people love it and some people attempt to predict its future.* Members of the last group include Shaw Wu of Kaufman Brothers and Needham's Charlie Wolf, both of whom are cautions about the iPad's performance.

Wu brandishes the obvious like broadsword, noting that the Wi-Fi iPad will probably sell better than those with a data plan because it will cost less and that 3G users can expect slower speeds that those with Wi-Fi. He feels that Apple's prediction of 10 million units sold in 2010 won't be realized. Instead, Wu surmises, they'll sell about 5 million.

Kaufman holds that the iPad is "...not a revolutionary product" that won't take off without certain 3rd-party solutions, like books and customized iPad apps. His sales prediction is even more conservative than Wu's at 4 million units sold.

They both like the entry price however, and we agree with them there. When the pundits were saying $1,000 before the announcement, we knew that wouldn't jibe with Steve's ambition to get one in as many homes as possible. Wu notes that the displays alone may be costing Apple $100 each, yet they've been very aggressive with the pricing.

Here's my prediction: Apple will sell a mountain of these things and by this time next year, the nay-sayers will be downloading Humble Pie 1.0.

*But none have USED it, so let's keep that in mind.

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