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Breakfast Topic: Hi ho Silver, away!

Kelly Aarons

No matter what your race, faction, or preference, there is a mount for you. Especially with achievements like the Mountain o' Mounts, you can have a different mount every day for six months if you wanted to. Certain...ah...'weight restrictions' have been lifted some time ago, so now no matter your in-game girth, you can ride on whatever you want.

Level restrictions have been changed as well, so you can now explore Azeroth on your discounted mount at a mere level 20! Try and think back to those days...the days of a fresh-faced you, on your main (or whatever), grabbing your first mount. While there are much more impressive creatures to ride nowadays, is there one that you hold close to your heart? Maybe you slogged through battleground after battleground, or ran the same instance/raid any number of times to get that special mount?
My first epic mount will always hold a special place in my heart, although I usually ride my White War Talbuk. One day, I'm aiming to get Anzu the Raven Lord, as I'm sure it'll be totally sweet.

So what about you, dear readers? For whatever purpose--roleplaying, vanity, sentiment--what is your favourite mount, whether you own it or not?

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