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Intel said to be cooking up DDR3-lovin' Atom N475 and Atom N455 CPUs

Darren Murph

We've maintained that Intel's range of Atom chips were simply too weak to really love and adore the way a slab of silicon should be, but that's probably because of our infatuation with things like "overclocking" and "Core i7 Extremes." Whatever the case, it's beginning to look a wee bit better for the lineup, as Fudzilla has it that the company will be adding DDR3 memory support to the 1.83GHz N475 and 1.6GHz N455. Both of those chips are expected to maintain their current TDP ratings, and both are expected to launch in Q3 of this year. Nah, DDR3 compatibility won't make your next netbook scream or anything, but when we're talking Atoms, we'll take all the baby steps we can get.

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