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WoW Moviewatch: This is Why I'm Prot


I'm a man who likes to tank. If you find me in PvE content, it's almost always out there doing my very best to take as much damage as possible. It's kind of my thing. So when I first saw Ascension Gaming's This is Why I'm Prot, I was understandably excited.

The song is a parody of This is Why I'm Hot with a protection warrior spin. Still, I think it probably applies to all tanks about equally, even if the song pokes a bit of fun at the protection paladin crowd. The music itself is fairly straightforward, and completely accessible. It's got a solid beat, and I'd actually love to hear the rapper do other work -- he felt pretty solid to me.

The video itself was a little more bland. But if you consider that the video is meant to be a vehicle for the music, it served its purpose very well. The flashing lyrics were slightly distracting. But if you view the machinima portion as being a little more trailer-like, and a little less music video, I think the whole thing comes across better.

This was a fun video, and I'd definitely like to hear more from the performer. And at the end of the day, this is why I'm prot.

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