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Sony working to wedge laser-based pico projectors into its compact cameras?

Tim Stevens

Nikon's Coolpix S1000pj camera/pico projector combo hasn't exactly taken the world by storm, but we're guessing it took a little while before Reese's Peanut Butter Cups became a global phenomenon, too. If reports from DigiTimes prove to be true, Sony wants to be front and center to meet the eventual demand for such cameras, working with Opus Microsystems to license its laser-based scanning mirror chips, projector tech that sounds similar to Microvision's Show WX. Word is that other camera manufacturers are working with Texas Instruments for the development of their own pico-packing cams, relying on TI's DLP-based tech found in the S1000pj and a variety of other devices. Which will rule the roost? We'll take lasers over LEDs any day of the week.

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