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The Classifieds: You ought to be in pictures


The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on guild recruiting, rankings, splits and merges, progression and more. Have guild news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail

Ready to see your name in lights? Looking for Group Productions (which is not the fun-loving crew pictured above) is looking for WoW players to appear in Warcrack, a feature-length documentary about people who play World of Warcraft. The project's creators, who are both experienced film and television technicians, are now scheduling webcam interviews with candidates. Attracted by the myriad personalities featured in our 15 Minutes of Fame, the LFG team turned to us for advice in tracking down a few specific types of players:
  • someone who's currently creating a costume for the next BlizzCon
  • a top 100 guild GM
  • an accomplished Arena veteran
If you think you fit the bill, check out more about the project and get in touch with the team at Looking for Group Productions.

Let's open up The Classifieds ...


Like to be listed? Don't forget your web site address and a brief description of your guild's focus.

  • Draenei roleplayers The brand new heavy RP group <Light of Draenor> (US Moon Guard-A) is seeking Draenei members; no level requirement, but IC interview and knowledge of Draenei lore is required
  • New raiders <Forgotten Legends> of US Blackwater Raiders-A is welcoming new raiders to a friendly, "real life first" 10-man team
  • 10-man raiding <Ninety Second Tuesdays> of US Cho'gall-H is looking to round out its 8/12 ICC team with a caster DPS/healer hybrid
  • 25-man raid teams <Vindication> of US Wyrmrest Accord-A has refocused ("RPers can raid, too!") and is looking for dedicated 25-man raiders; <Eternal> (US Antonidas-A) is recruiting experienced adult for raiding three nights per week; <Quarantine> (US Proudmoore-H) is filling out its 25-man team, looking for i232-geared players to rading two to three nights a week; <Conspiracy> (US Elune-A) is recruiting for Wed./Thurs./Sun. ICC raiding
  • When the sun comes up <Twilight Incursion> of US Quel-dorei-H is in search of several classes for morning 25-man raiding (10:00 a.m.-1 p.m. server time)
  • When the sun goes down <After Hours>of EU Eonar-A is looking for other players whose work and family obligations push 25-man raiding to the late-night hours (23.00-2.00 Monday-Thursday)

Around the world of WoW
  • There's a new trend on US Stormrage: players selling heroic PUG tanking services for up to 50 gold a pop. Tipster Vileax believes the practice merely exacerbates the tank shortage. Has this trend made it to your realm yet?
  • Reader Paul sent us this tip about a rare mainstream mention of WoW in the UK, on the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK. The episode featured a snippet of dialogue about raiding -- ironically, a dated reference about the old 40-man days. Still, it's always good to hear gaming entering the stream of mainstream consciousness.
Guild rankings

We should see some real movement in guild rankings this week, with the final stretch through Icecrown Citadel to the Lich King.
  • 25-man Progress More than 100 leading guilds are poised to pounce on Arthas, with 38 points.
  • 25-man Achievements Eight more guilds have earned 1,130 points this week, bringing the total number of leaders to 17.
  • 10-man Progress It's another full field of 38-point leaders among the 10-man progression teams.
  • 10-man Achievements Eight more guilds have come up to the 1,285-point mark this week.
  • 10-man Strict Progress Eleven more guilds have joined the 10-man strict teams at the current top of Icecrown Citadel.
  • 10-man Strict Achievements Three teams (<From Chaos> (US Suramar), <Vox Immortalis> (US Hyjal) and <Three> (UE Executus) lead the field of accomplishments.

Show us your stuff

The Classifieds is always looking for screenshots to go along with the weekly news. Send us screenshots of your epic downings, your celebrations and gatherings, and those "special moments" (naked Deadmine races? fishing tournaments?) to
Random Acts of Uberness
  • Shiftymcmoo, US Kilrogg-H "Shiftymcmoo was extremely supportive when I was tanking my very first instance as a Death Knight. My Death Knight had just managed to reach the defense cap for heroics. I had made it clear that it was my first instance and expressed my wishes that they can put up with a wipe or two. (We did wipe once in the end, due to me accidentally LOSing the healer.) At the end of the instance, said PUGger said that I had tanked great and even said that he was very proud of me, saying that tanking is hard. He made my day, and I would like to make his through this." (Dardanos, US Thaurissan-H)
  • Zebu, EU The Sha'tar-H "When I was busy pottering around Orgrimmar on my DK alt waiting for the Dungeon Finder to pop me in an instance, a warrior named Zebu popped open the trade window. Being a cynic, I thought he may be begging for something; however, my opinion quickly changed as I saw the trade window fill up with 1k gold and stacks of Saronite. He accepts, as do I. After a big thank you in /w, he traded me again and this time filled the trade window up with 20 eternal shadow, 16 eternal water, 16 eternal earth and the rest with stacks of saronite. I thanked him again. He then proceeded to yell 'First person to kiss me gets 1k!', and sure enough, he gives some low-level 20 1k for kissing him. Later on that evening, whilst explaining to some friends, I find out he gave one of my guildies 2.8k for nothing. It turns out one of my guild officers was an officer with him with a previous guild, and when I asked 'Why would he do this?', she replied, 'Zebu has always been loaded and massively generous, especially to his guildies.' If that isn't an awesome Random Act of Uberness, I don't know what is!" (Relaár, EU The Sha'tar-H)

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, guild recruiting, rankings and more. Have news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? Or maybe just a picture of your guild or gang of friends you'd like to lend? E-mail (If you're recruiting or seeking contacts from other players, please include your guild's web site address.)

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