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Comcast CEO not sure 24x7 3D is in our future

Ben Drawbaugh

Everyone in the home entertainment industry is talking 3D, and because most of the details remain unknown, we are left speculating more than not. One of the questions is if 3D will be like HD in the way that we'll demand all programming be in 3D and this is one we're just not sure about. We're not the only ones either as Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts is wondering the same thing. In a Q&A session at the a Congressional Internet Caucus event last Wednesday he said "The question is, are you going to want to sit there and wear glasses four hours a day to watch TV. I don't think so." And we couldn't agree more, in fact we believe 3D will be used more like surround sound -- sure some use it all the time, but most just turn it on for big events or movies. We'll all have to wait and see how this turns out, but we just can't imagine a day when all TV is viewed in 3D, at least as long as glasses are required.

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