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Third update hits for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited


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When a free expansion hits for a free-to-play MMO -- in this case, Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron Unlimited -- no one is really free to complain (though some no doubt will). Today's drably-titled "Update 3" brings with it a removal of leveling sigils, extending all of the game's items to every player, plus a new Casual Mode for solo players and parties up to the level cap of 20.

More dungeons have also been added, geared toward high-level players, and two live events -- The Traveler's Treasure Hunt and The Risia Ice Games -- are planned to "celebrate DDO's fourth birthday" with prizes (of the physical variety). Most importantly, Ski Lift Hot Cocoa and Candy Cane Ice Skates have been added to the DDO Store. (Finally!)

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